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If the coefficient of static friction between the chair and the table is g and the system is in limiting equilibrium, what will be the length / of the part hanging over the edge? The chain is now given an infinitesimal displacement and released so that it runs off the table. Assuming that the coefficient of kinetic friction is also /2. MECHANICS 37 find (a) the total work done against friction; (b) the amount of potential energy lost up to the moment when the chain leaves the table; (c) the velocity of the chain at the instant when it leaves the table.

3) The squares of the periods of revolution of the planets are proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the sun. The third law was announced by Kepler in 1619. Newton's law of gravitation. About 1666, at the early age of 24, NEWTON discovered a universal law known as the law of gravitation. He was led to this discovery by considering the motion of a planet moving in a circle round the sun as centre. The force acting on the planet of mass m is mrco2, where r is the radius of the circle and w is the angular velocity of the motion (p.

Suppose the periods are T1, T2when they are nearly equal. G. positions from the axis in each case, = 27cijk2 ± /112 hig jk2 2n h 22 (p. 16). h2g Squaring, and subtracting to eliminate k2after simplifying, we obtain T12 —T2 2 g T2 — hi + h, hi — h, • MECHANICS 19 The distance h1+ h2is the distance between the knife-edges, and can be accurately found. G. and then measuring h1, h 2. On substituting for T1, T2, h1, h2 in the equation, g can be evaluated. Corrections in compound pendulum experiment.

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