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By S. I. Gelfand, M. L. Gerver, A. A. Kirillov, N. N. Konstantinov, A. G. Kushnirenko

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Mathematik ist eine vielseitige und lebendige Wissenschaft. Von den großen Themen wie Zahlen, Unendlichkeiten, Dimensionen und Wahrscheinlichkeiten spannen die Autoren einen Bogen zu den aktuellen mathematischen Anwendungen in der Logistik, der Finanzwelt, der Kryptographie, der Medizin und anderen Gebieten.

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25), which will illustrate the method for proving the theorem in all cases. The idea is to write A as a sum of two terms and use the sum rule to separate off the term with a nonzero diagonal entry. 23) we write A W~(o S(X)H°0 fi X) A 0 )= M + A2(X). 30), the result is proved. • To study "reduction of order," let A be a 2 X 2 matrix continuous on [a,b] and consider the equation Y'(x) = A(x)Y(x). 32) We also assume, for illustrative purposes, that zl(x)¥=0 on [a,b]. 31), linearly independent from Y(x).

28), we obtain for any x,yB[a,b] the formula detft eA(s)* = e£*A{s)*m (1 30) rr y s In the ordinary theory of integration one proves the following additive property of the integral: fXf(s)ds= (Xf(s)ds+[yf(s)ds. 5. Let A:[a,b]^CnXn Then be continuous, and let x,j>,z€E[a,Z>]. f[eA(s)ds=f^eA(s)ds^eA(s)ds z y ( 1 3 2 ) z Proof. First suppose that z

The same is true for the derivative y'. 6 Improper Product Integration In the usual theory of Riemann integration, one defines "improper" integrals in two types of situations. In the first type, the integration region is a finite interval [a, b] but there is difficulty at an endpoint. For instance, the function/to be integrated might be Riemann integrable over [a',b] for each af>a, but not Riemann integrable over [a,b]9 as in the integral f ——dx=\im[ l/2 •'O X e-*0Je —rjzdx. 1) l/2 X In the second type, the integration region is infinite, as in the integral o g Z 2 /•» 1 rM 1 I — dx = lim I — dx.

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