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By Deb Baker

ISBN-10: 0425212637

ISBN-13: 9780425212639

For Gretchen Birch, her mom Caroline, and her aunt Nina, doll gathering is a relatives affair. they could disagree on different issues, but if it involves dolls, they proportion a keenness for the main beautiful (and dear) creations in heritage. yet they've got by no means imagined that doll accumulating may possibly encourage foul play.

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And it didn’t matter because it would never happen again. He loved Gretchen and would do anything to make it up to her, he said. Anything. Gretchen felt a sharp pain in her chest every time she thought about it. Well, others had made it through rough times; so could they. A few days apart might do them some good. Caroline Birch was in trouble. Every nerve ending shouted, Warning! Warning! The Phoenix airport terminal’s harsh lights and mechanical sounds felt surreal to her; intense, irrational, the day like a long, complex bad dream.

You remember Bonnie? ” Gretchen remembered. Red hair shellacked into an exaggerated flip, red-smeared lips, penciled lines where eyebrows used to be. ” Her mother had a few Kewpies in her own collection. The original ones had blue wings fanning from their necks. Gretchen liked the chubby dolls, each with a small lock of hair and cherubic grin. “That’s Bonnie,” Nina said. “She collects Action Kewpies. Farmers, drummers. ” Gretchen frowned. “I don’t understand. ” “Because Martha had a doll parasol in the pocket of her shorts, and since his mother collected dolls, he thought she might know her.

What could you expect from a crazy, onetime doll collector who roamed the streets and lived inside a bottle? Certainly not a gentle passing. Gretchen struggled to remember more, but she’d been too tired at the time to listen to the details. Nina sounded concerned about her mother, but Nina tended to overreact to everything. Gretchen, loaded down with luggage and a drowsy, medicated Wobbles, entered a taxi. While the cabby expertly maneuvered through winding streets and roared toward Callahan Tunnel, which led to Logan Airport, Gretchen called Steve on her cell phone and explained the events of the last few hours.

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