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The current path on calculus of a number of variables is intended as a textual content, both for one semester following a primary path in Calculus, or for a yr if the calculus series is so dependent. For a one-semester path, it doesn't matter what, one should still conceal the 1st 4 chapters, as much as the legislations of conservation of strength, which supplies a gorgeous software of the chain rule in a actual context, and ties up the maths of this path with average fabric from classes on physics. Then there are approximately chances: One is to hide Chapters V and VI on maxima and minima, quadratic varieties, severe issues, and Taylor's formulation. you'll then end with bankruptcy IX on double integration to around off the one-term direction. the opposite is to enter curve integrals, double integration, and Green's theorem, that's Chapters VII, VIII, IX, and X, §1. This varieties a coherent whole.

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We write A = A - cB + cB. By Pythagoras, Hence e211BI1 2 ~ IIAI1 2. BI 2 c IIBII - (B. B)2 IIBII - IIBI14 IIBII - IIBI12 . Therefore Multiply by IIBI1 2 and take the square root to conclude the proof. 2, we see that for vectors A, B in n-space, the number A·B IIAIIIIBII has absolute value ~ 1. Consequently, -1< A-B <1 = IIAIIIIBIl = , 30 [I, §4] VECTORS and there exists a unique angle () such that 0 ~ () ~ n, and such that A·B cos () = IIAII IIBII We define this angle to be the angle between A and B.

Then we can solve for x, namely c a b a x = - - - t. Let P = (cla,O) and A = (-bla, 1). We see that an arbitrary point (x, y) satisfying the equation ax + by = c can be expressed parametrically, namely (x,y) = P + tAo In higher dimensions, starting with a parametric representation x = P + tA, we cannot eliminate t, and thus the parametric representation is the only one available to describe a straight line. 36 [1, §6] VECTORS I, §5. EXERCISES 1. Find a parametric representation for the line passing through the following pairs of points.

20 [I, §4] VECTORS This definition coincides with our geometric intUItion when A, Bare points in the plane (Fig. 18). It is the same thing as the length of the located vector AB or the located vector BA. B Length=\lA-B\I = \lB-A\I Figure 18 Example 3. Let A = (-1,2) and B = (3,4). Then the length of the ----+ located vector AB is liB - All. But B - A = (4,2). Thus liB - All = Jl6+4 = )20. In the picture, we see that the horizontal side has length 4 and the vertical side has length 2. Thus our definitions reflect our geometric intuition derived from Pythagoras.

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