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By Hadenmalm & Zhu Borichev

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ISBN-13: 9781641965361

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This quantity grew out of a convention in honor of Boris Korenblum at the get together of his eightieth birthday, held in Barcelona, Spain, November 20-22, 2003. The booklet is of curiosity to researchers and graduate scholars operating within the conception of areas of analytic functionality, and, particularly, within the thought of Bergman areas. This booklet is copublished with Bar-Ilan collage (Ramat-Gan, Israel)

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M 1:5 i:5 m, 1:5 j 5 n, Prove that for any such that if Ilzk-Ykll < 6, a A = (al ••••• a n ) zl"",zn 1:5 k :5 m, then the solution ~B = and lIa .. -b .. 1I < 6, 1J 1J of (~l""'~n) the incompatible system zl satisfies b1l\1 T ••. T b1n\n n (L i=l 53. Let in t. t1, ... ,t k Let n < k. 1 < 6, i = l, ... 1 < 6, i = l, ... ,k, then 1. 1. l. l. their least square fit polynomial Q(t) (degree < k) satisfies f/2 [f o lp(t)-Q(t)1 2 dt 5~. Let (a) < 6. e. }. a]. (b) Show that LO (c) Show that ~ is the orthogonal complement of LO' (d) For (e) Find the distances from and f E L2[-a,a] , LE are orthogonal.

9. 0), (1,1), (2,1) be given. Find the polynomial pet) of degree 1 with the least squares fit to these three points. 50. II 1 < 6. H. are linearly independent. then such that any vectors i are also linearly independent. • Yn 1, ... ,n, Hint: Consider the Gram determinant. (b) Let zl •... 'zn be linearly dependent. • yn satisfy IIZi-Yili < 6. dependent too. - .. 'Yn is linearly A .. {a , ... ,a } be a system of vectors in a Hilbert space 1 n Y E H, let YA denote the projection of y into the subspace sp{a 1 •· •• ,an}' Prove that for any e > 0, there exists a 6 > 0 such that for any system of vectors S = {bl ,··· ,bn } with the property lI a j - b j ll < 6, 1 ~ j ~ n, the Let H.

Jl 2 (n+l)(n+2). (2n+15 Thus by (3), (j)n and (4) :: (5), P ___ n_ IiPnli __1__ ~ (x 2_1)n is called the Legendre 2n n! dx n poLynomiaL of degree n. We shall refer to (j)n as the normaLized Legendre polynomial of degree n. This polynomial (j)n has the following interesting property. )2 f2"" an - (2n)! ;;;t;; = On) ! 2n+l -1 n f f 11. Orthonormal bases. Now that we know that every vector in a Hilbert space has a closest vector w in a closed subspace M, it remains to find a representation of w. It turns out that w = Lk k>q>k' where {q>k} is a certain brthonormal system in M.

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