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152 across the different regressions. This issue is explored in more depth in Chapter 4. 5 COMBINED ANALYSIS OF HUI AND SAH: INTERVAL REGRESSION Interval, or grouped data, regression provides an alternative to the ordered probit model in cases where the values of the upper and lower limits of the intervals are known. , Jones 2000). Van Doorslaer and Jones’s (2003) approach is to use HUI scores to scale the intervals of SAH. To do this they assume that there is a stable mapping from HUI to the (latent) variable that determines reported SAH and that this applies for all individuals.

3 TABLULATING THE DATA Along with the graphical analysis it is useful to tabulate some descriptive statistics for the data. Given the emphasis on dynamics and state dependence we begin with transition matrices. 00 The rows of the table indicate previous health state while the columns show current health. So, for example, the elements of the first row show the distribution of SAH at wave t, conditional on individuals having reported very poor health at wave t-1. The strong degree of persistence in SAH shows up in the high probabilities on or close to the diagonal in these tables and the low probabilities away from the diagonal.

947 These percentiles can be saved as scalars for future use. 104 Sum of Wgt. 947 1 1 1 Mean Largest Std. Dev. 563778 Notice the values of the skewness and kurtosis statistics. These are quite different from those that would be expected for a normal variate: 0 and 3 respectively. They show negative skewness (long left-hand tail) and a higher level of kurtosis. A formal test for normality (sktest) is applied to HUI, using the survey weights provided. 000 Variants of the glcurve command can be used to produce generalized Lorenz, Lorenz, generalized concentration curves, and concentration curves for HUI.

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