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By Giovanni Fiandaca

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The insightful essays during this booklet shine a brand new mild at the roles of girls inside felony networks, roles that during truth are frequently much less conventional than researchers used to imagine. The ebook seeks to reply to questions from quite a lot of educational disciplines and strains the portrait of girls tied to equipped crime in Italy and worldwide. The booklet bargains up bills of mafia ladies, and likewise stories of critical abuse and violence opposed to girls.

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Here is a classic example: there are women, many women who have been charged and sentenced for extortion, such as the wife of a big mafia boss like Nino Imerti44 ; she picked up the mazzette (“little bundles” or payments) for her husband. And her sister was also sentenced. So we have observed this participation, but I do not believe this is the principal aspect. 45 Female state witnesses are rather rare in the ‘Ndrangheta environment. Teresa Concetta Manag`o is in a certain sense an exceptional figure because of the fact that she turned state witness under witness protection and because of her overall story.

Sooner or later there will be some contact. We have also seen an overall change in the fugitive’s way of relating to his woman and his own nuclear family. In the past you could tell there were more regular contacts; but now they are almost nonexistent; they limit themselves to extremely brief contacts by phone and that is all. What is more, in other cases, they arrange to meet in neutral zones, zones where they can avoid controls. 54 Just as women in mafia families today, either because they are skillfully manipulated by men from the clan or because they are willing protagonists, are involved first hand in communication strategies against the courts, against collaboration, and in favor of criminal interests; they are also occupied in the economic management of wealth and violent criminal activities such as extortion, loan sharking, and drugs and arms trafficking.

So women here are truly passive subjects . . marriage constituted a means for increasing the power of the criminal group. . Women were absolutely constrained. I want to say this: Scriva said not only were women frequently forced into marriages of convenience, but daughters in mafia families had powerfully criminal upbringings; they could not frequent a whole series of people in civil society: first among these, the carabinieri, the police. When one of the daughters from these mafia families, I mention here the Pesce family in Rosarno since this resulted in a case of homicide, happened to flirt with a carabiniere, the girl was killed by her own family and disappeared into thin air.

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