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By Peter Hannan

ISBN-10: 0060852216

ISBN-13: 9780060852214

ISBN-10: 006185574X

ISBN-13: 9780061855740

A number of superheroes you have most likely by no means heard of . . . Oh Yeah! Donny Dazzle, the recognized tune manufacturer, is popping the great Goofballs into large rock stars! Oh No! in the meantime, the superevil huge undesirable Blob of Blah desires to wipe out the goofballs' impressive weirdness perpetually and rework them into a military of Blecchh-powered robots! Oh Nooooooooooooo!

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Asked Tubesock. ” asked Wonder Boulder. ” said Super Vacation Man. ” I heard the highpitched screech of a drill on metal. Something was drilling its way through the back of my TV helmet! The helmet rattled and vibrated, and the sound was amplified a hundred times until it seemed like it was coming from inside my head. And that was the last thing I heard. 44 CHAPTER 11 Am I Dead? t first I thought I was. But then I realized that, although I’d never been dead before, dead people don’t hurt all over.

To-be-a-real-rock-star—” began Slick. ” said Wonder Boulder. ” barked Slick. He meant business. “Where-was-I? Oh, yes. To-be-a-rock-star, you-have-to-learn-to-flick-your-hair, so . . ” we shouted, flicking our hair. 34 When Wonder Boulder flicked, gravel scattered across the room. ” we shouted, shivering all over. “NO, NO, NO, BITE-YOUR-LOWER-LIP, CLOSE-YOUR-EYES, TILT-YOUR-HEAD, ANDMAKE-A-FACE-LIKE-YOU’RE-IN-PAIN! ” Pooky bit her lower beak. SuperSass looked over at Ferret. ” said Ferret. ” she shrieked.

We said, happy again. We walked into the huge foyer, and everywhere I looked there was evidence of lots and lots of money: silver floors, gold chandeliers, platinum flowers in diamond-encrusted vases. The robot servants asked if 29 we cared for refreshments and then poured beverages into glittering goblets and offered snacks on gleaming plates. ” said SuperSass. ” said Scoodlyboot. “You’ll-see-him-soon-enough,” said a robot servant. “But-now . . here-he-is, the-one, the-only, therich, the-famous, the-famously-rich .

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