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By Jane Smiley

ISBN-10: 030775877X

ISBN-13: 9780307758774

Alice Ellis is a Midwestern refugee residing in big apple. nonetheless recuperating from a painful divorce, she will depend on the companionship and camaraderie of tightly knit circle of buddies. on the heart of this circle is a rock band suffering to navigate New York’s erratic track scene, and an apartment/practice house with nearly fifty key-holders. One sunny day, Alice enters the house and unearths of the band participants shot useless. because the double-murder sends waves of outrage via their lives, this team of pals starts off to resolve, and unsafe secrets and techniques are printed one after the other. while Alice starts to note issues amiss in her personal condominium, the strain breaks out because it happens to her that she isn't the merely individual with a key, and she or he would possibly not get an opportunity to alter the locks.

Jane Smiley applies her detailed rendering of time, position, and the enigmatic intricacies of non-public relationships to the twists and turns of suspense. the result's a super literary mystery that would hold readers guessing as much as its ultimate, surprising end.

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Really, it was a burden to have to drag herself out of the bathtub, hunt for a cab, and endure an evening going over it all, but she hadn’t been able to keep herself from doing it. It was important to know something, perhaps only that it had really happened. ” said Rya. ” Alice’s voice, unused since her conversation with Detective Honey, came out thick and quavering. She cleared her throat. She longed for Ray to return so that they could have the business of eating. Noah resumed rolling joints—tight, uniform, pointed like nails at each end.

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