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By Patricia Briggs

ISBN-10: 0441009166

ISBN-13: 9780441009169

From the number 1 big apple occasions bestselling writer of Iron Kissed—a magical story. driving right into a battle that’s heating up at the border, Ward, the hot lord of Herzog, is certain he’s at the speedy tune to glory. yet quickly his challenge takes a perilous flip. For he has noticeable a pile of magical dragon bones hidden deep underneath Hurog retain. The bones might turn out to be risky within the unsuitable fingers, and Ward is bound his enemies will cease at not anything to own them.

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He'd had broken shells brought from the sea in wagonloads and was directing their spreading on top of the salt. It wouldn't work. My several times great-grandfather, Seleg, had tried something similar when the creep had first been seen, but it hadn't worked. I'd read about it in his journals. I could have saved Duraugh three days of work. But an idiot would hardly have read the dusty, mostly illegible scrawls hidden on a remote shelf in the library. Guilt vied with fear. No longer was it fear for my life—nothing so noble.

I blinked at my uncle a moment before I decided it was something an idiot could know. " "The stygian beast, Ward. Stygian is the underworld beast. Fen thought it a good name for a warhorse. He picked better than he knew. That stallion is an underworld creature," he said intently. "He should have been killed long ago. " I'd known Stygian had been named for the beast who came from the underworld to gobble the souls of the dead who hadn't lived well enough to go dwell in the houses of the gods. Who'd have thought Uncle would take it so seriously?

I came up for air. "I watched you fight," said Oreg, sitting on my stool and balancing it on two legs without putting his feet on the floor. I wondered if his balance was that good or if he was using magic. My ability to detect magic was a vague thing, and Oreg infused any area he was directly in with so much magic, I had a hard time telling if there were small spells being worked. It felt like Hurog's magic, and I sometimes wondered if he was the magic I could always feel here or if he just tapped into it.

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