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By A. P. Fuchs

ISBN-10: 1897217692

ISBN-13: 9781897217696

Gabriel Garrison's mystery identification has been compromised. A mysterious nameless letter grants to bare he's Axiom-man except he bows all the way down to the sender's calls for. And the timing can't were worse. Redsaw has turn into extra strong than whilst Axiom-man battled him on what has develop into referred to as Black Saturday, and he has decided to realize unstoppable energy during the basically skill he is aware how: homicide. Chaos ensues and because the air is saturated with the stench of blood, Axiom-man needs to locate the skill to prevent Redsaw ahead of the total global is swallowed in an online of dying. Complicating concerns, anything unusual is going on to Axiom-man's powers. the talents he has placed his religion in have replaced. As time runs out and town streets are overrun with carnage and worry, Axiom-man is driven to his brink as he attempts to forestall the madman's reign of terror, whereas additionally attempting to observe what's occurring to his powers and the way they tie right into a supernatural occasion that happened over years prior to.

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