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By Robert Moore Williams

In the middle of the war—that poor clash that threatened humanity's overall destruction—the "new humans" all of sudden seemed. Quietly appearing wonderful deeds, vanishing at will, they have been an enigma to either side. Kurt Zen was once an American intelligence officer one of several despatched to root them out.

He came upon them. Taken captive of their hidden lair, he waited because the enemy ready to release the large missile, the bomb to finish all bombs—and all life.

If in basic terms he may locate the resource of the hot people's strength, Kurt by myself may be able to hinder obliteration of the Earth....

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He stumbled and fell. Again the nurse knelt beside him but this time she made no attempt to lift him. Instead, she got to her own feet. Zen decided the man had died as he fell. She continued on up the slope. Down below, motors roared and then came to a halt. Turning, Zen saw that a first aid station was being set up down there. The medics worked fast; already they were directing the wounded men to the back end of a truck, where an examination station had been set up. But, fast as they worked, they were too late to help the vast majority of the wounded.

Any living creature caught within the direct blast of the radiation is doomed, and neither you, nor I, nor the medics, can do anything to help them—" He broke off as another man began screaming up the slope. The nurse was irresolute. "But that man needs help," she pointed out. "Certainly he needs help," Zen agreed. "Well—" Zen watched her carefully. She seemed to understand his words but something else pulled at her far more strongly: the screaming of the injured man. Each time the soldier cried out, she started in his direction.

Confusion existed somewhere. He was sure it was the nurse who was confused. He shook his head in an effort to clear up her difficulty. "I saw you do it. " "Nope," Zen said. "I'm not going to the aid station. No reason for it. I'm all right. " This made sense to him. "I know you are all right," Nedra answered. Her face showed strain. " Zen, busy shaking his head again, hardly heard her. He had the impression that her confusion would clear up in a minute. Somehow it reminded him of the confusion that he had suffered after inhaling a whiff of nerve gas, once.

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