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By Janet Bodnar

ISBN-10: 0938721232

ISBN-13: 9780938721239

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ISBN-13: 9780938721673

Janet Bodnar addresses every little thing from curing a case of the gimmies and picking allowance degrees to budgeting, incomes and saving.

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HOW NOT TO TEACH YOUR KIDS FINANCIAL VALUES 1. Ignore the whole subject. Money should be neither coveted nor feared, but treated as a useful tool. 2. Indulge your kids. Love does not equal stuff. 3. Send mixed messages. Don’t deliver a lecture on the wastefulness of a new videogame system and then treat yourself to a new CD player. 4. Be inconsistent. If you’ve made it a rule not to lend your kids money, don’t waffle the first time they ask. 5. Quit before you start. Children will accept any system of managing money as long as you set one up.

4. Be inconsistent. If you’ve made it a rule not to lend your kids money, don’t waffle the first time they ask. 5. Quit before you start. Children will accept any system of managing money as long as you set one up. 28 6. Fling platitudes. Of course your kids don’t understand the value of a dollar (unless you teach them). 7. Fail to listen. If your kids ask questions about money, give them an answer, not a brush-off. 8. Relive your childhood. Be realistic about how far a dollar will stretch nowadays.

Lots of similarly frustrated parents would have lectured, yelled or thrown up their hands and watched their kids fritter away their money. You’ve shown there are simple yet effective alternatives. 33 DOLLARS & SENSE FOR KIDS Board should take in setting monetary policy. Winners of the Fed Challenge receive thousands of dollars in scholarship money, courtesy of Citibank. James McNeal, who has done considerable research on the kids’ market, finds that most college kids would be hard-pressed to figure out the unit price of a six-pack of beer.

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