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By Kenneth Robeson, Lester Dent, Will Murray, Joe DeVito

Again after twenty years! document Savage and his potent group go back in a brand-new sequence of nightmare exploits which can purely be called…. THE WILD ADVENTURES OF document SAVAGE! Ferocious blood-red issues start losing down from the sky, the kingdom of California is besieged by way of the wasteland Demons—a phenomenon so fierce that it triggers a contemporary exodus. basically document Savage, the scientist-superman who used to be cast within the fires of clinical wisdom to conflict the unknown, is the same as the problem. From the Hollywood hills to the alligator-infested inside of Florida, the fellow of Bronze wages struggle with cyclonic monsters that appear to own an intelligence in their own—and a murderous malevolence that smacks of the unearthly!

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Crazy Thunder was the nephew of a genuine Hopi rain dancer, and he had practiced for much of his young life the downpour-summoning saltations of his copper-colored ancestors. That he had never generated any actual rain, only fitful heat lightning and the odd grumble of thunder, gave Crazy Thunder the latter half of his name. That he was addicted to impulsive ideas provided the first part. And so after talking a newsreel camera crew into conveying him out into the parched Mojave, he stood among the spiny Yucca cactus and twisted Joshua trees in his feathers and his beads and prepared to call down a meteorological miracle.

Chapter 3 Crimson Canister REPUTE OF DOC SAVAGE, Man of Bronze, man of mystery, had penetrated to many a remote corner of the earth. Men in Shanghai, Mozambique, Cartagena and more than a few other out-of-the-way spots felt an impulse to look behind them when his name was mentioned, and upon hearing of his presence in the vicinity, would lose no time betaking themselves to other regions. Doc Savage had devoted his life to the often thankless, always perilous, and seemingly unending task of righting what he considered to be wrongs, of aiding the oppressed, and punishing evildoers, causing things to happen to them which not infrequently moved them to change their ways.

Doc looked around, saw nothing, then submerged again. The gas mask he had been wearing had not survived the grenade attack. But Doc did not need it. He had been taught the art of deep-sea diving by the pearl divers of the South Seas, men who knew how to remain submerged for extended periods. Doc Savage was down a very long time. He could hold his breath for a remarkable span of minutes. Occasionally a solitary air bubble broke the surface to attest to his continued existence. When he at last reemerged, the bronze man dragged himself out of the surf and made his laborious way up the cliff side.

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