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Therefore one must decide whether only the width of the transition band and position of its edges is important, or also the placement of the cutoff frequency. In the first case the adjustment need to be made to both edge frequencies of the transition band, in the second case adjustment will be made to the cutoff frequency and the most distant edge of the transition band (the other edge will be simply closer to the cutoff than it was required). It is important to notice that the frequency transformation preserves the ripple structure both in the filter passband and its stopband, but the frequency location of their features are going to be shifted accordingly to the movement of the cutoff frequency.

Polyphase IIR Filters 43 magnitude resolution is increased. This architecture primarily covers audio band applications and is especially attractive for VLSI implementation. In this section we first look at the requirements to be met by the Nyquist and the oversampling A/D converters in digital signal processing applications and the arguments in view of the intermediate stage 1-bit coding. Then the typical modulator is presented. The quantization noise shaping by the modulators and the effects of the noise on the resolution of the A/D converter are also presented.

2dB. Furthermore, for efficient physical realization, the filter coefficients of at least the first few stages of the decimator (operating at the highest samplingrates) should be constrained by design to have as few bits as possible. The cascaded polyphase two-path halfband IIR filter, lends itself to meeting the above requirements with the minimum of implementation complexity (only one coefficient per second-order stage), as well as exhibiting low sensitivity to coefficient value variations. This attribute makes it possible to home in on short coefficient wordlength.

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