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By Martin S. Roden

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Broadband: Should We Regulate High-Speed Internet Access?

Offering a cutting-edge research of the economics of broadband, researchers and students give a contribution essays with diverse and infrequently opposing perspectives on easy methods to control high-speed net carrier. Alleman (Columbia Institute of Tele-information) and Crandall (economic reviews, Brookings establishment) edit 12 essays with themes together with the call for for bandwidth: proof from the INDEX venture; pageant and rules in broadband communications; and the monetary results of broadband law Asia Encounters the Internet (Asia's Transformations)

The net is constructing speedier in Asia than in the other sector of the area. This ebook is the 1st accomplished research of the data society in an Asian context, and the influence of those applied sciences in Asia. those affects are unavoidably asymmetric and conditioned by way of problems with telecommunications infrastructure, executive regulations, cultural and social values, and monetary realities.

Quality-Driven SystemC Design

Confronted with the gradually expanding complexity and speedily shortening time-to-market requisites designing digital platforms is a really not easy activity. to regulate this example successfully the extent of abstraction in modeling has been raised in past times years within the laptop aided layout neighborhood.

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