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By Augusto Visintin

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Hysteresis results take place in technological know-how and engineering: plasticity, ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity are recognized examples. Modelling and mathematical research of hysteresis phenomena were addressed by means of mathematicians only in the near past, yet are actually in complete improvement.
This quantity offers a self-contained and complete advent to the research of hysteresis versions, and illustrates a number of new leads to this box. First the classical versions of Prandtl, Ishlinskii, Preisach and Duhem are formulated and studied, utilizing the concept that of "hysteresis operator". a brand new version of discontinuous hysteresis is brought. a number of partial differential equations containing hysteresis operators are studied within the framework of Sobolev spaces.

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9(c). = '1/;6(-,7), and = (b)" If 71 < 7 < 70, then these properties of w+( 7) and W 0 are exchanged, cf. Fig. 9(d). Note that for any 7c < 7 < 70, W_(7) is a relative maximum point. 6) defines no real value. So W 0 is the only absolute minimum point of '1/;6(-, T), and there is no relative minimum, cf. Fig. 9(e). The potential '1/;6, cf. ; there discontinuities occur in the potential itself. 5 Landau's Theory of Phase Transitions 27 is a latent heat of phase transition and thennal hysteresis can occur, because of the presence of relative minima of the potential.

Description of Elasto-brittleness (here for a linear function a): E-B in (a), EIB in (b). Model EIB: Elastic and brittle elements in parallel, cf. Fig. 4(b). 5) =X(t)(j(d)(t). 3). Here C(d) = (j(d) E KO. After (j(d) has reached oK, X = I and (j(d)(t) = 0: (C(d)(t)). ° as long as Plasto-Brittleness. Now we combine plastic and brittle elements. Model PIB: Plastic and brittle elements in parallel, cf. Fig. 5(a). Let Kp and K f be the yield and fragility criteria, respectively. 3), this model corresponds to the following rheological law in [0, T]: (j(d)(t) X(t) =(j(d)f(t) + (j(d)p(t) E Kf + K p, =Ho ( sup MK«(j(d)f) [O,t] C(d)(t)[l - X(t)] (j(d)f(t)x(t) =0, =0, [(d/t) E oIKp «(j(d)p(t)).

Usually tests are performed on univariate specimens, for instance by exerting either a longitudinal traction or a torsion on a solid bar. It is then natural to study univariate rheological models, and then to consider how they are related to multivariate models. Composite Models. In the univariate case, serial and parallel combinations have an intuitive meaning and can also be graphically represented. Here are the main properties of these operations: 34 II. Rheological and Circuital Models (i) Combinations in Series.

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