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By Rachel Caine

ISBN-10: 0373513674

ISBN-13: 9780373513673

"Jasmine ""Jazz"" Callender is at the downhill slide to destroy. as soon as a adorned murder detective, she's misplaced all of it: her former partner's been convicted of homicide, she's been cashiered out, and she's ingesting away what little self-respect she's received left. yet Jazz has a expertise for difficulty, and an individual is aware it. while a mysterious, attractive stranger comes searching for her with a fateful crimson envelope in his hand, she's approximately to make the deal of her existence ... for strong or undesirable. The deal calls for her to go into right into a partnership with a stranger and examine instances that arrive in specified pink envelopes ... that's strange adequate, yet will get more odd as she and her new associate Lucia observe that they are operating for somebody with supernatural skills. and perhaps they don't seem to be at the part of the angels anymore. "

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And she didn‟t strike Jazz as somebody who admitted to shortcomings just for the hell of it, either. ” Jazz shrugged. “So maybe I like to sucker people in. You like to intimidate them into avoiding a fight. ” “Strengths and weaknesses,” Lucia said, and put the bull back in its place. “We complement each other. ” Lucia smiled. ” “It‟ll be twenty-four hours before Manny gets back to us,” Jazz said about a half hour later. ” “Why not? I‟d say you might have cats to feed back home, but women like you don‟t have cats,” Jazz said, and made kissy noises at Mooch, who was peeking around the corner of the bedroom door.

Even her hair looked better. Damn, she enjoyed this stuff. That was probably sick. “You,” Lucia said, as if she‟d read her mind, “need a hobby. Something nonviolent. ” She sounded amused, though. ” “Yeah,” Jazz agreed. ” Walking with Lucia wasn‟t like walking alone. For one thing, Jazz was used to blending in, slumping, avoiding people‟s eyes. McCarthy had always laughed about it, called her a chameleon; he‟d had the traditional cop presence and radiated an implicit threat even when sitting and reading the newspaper.

Manny, I got nothing. We came from the airport, for God‟s sake. ” Manny edged out of the shadows. He was a big man, not very clean, with a greasy tangle of black hair that he kept cut above too-large ears. html polish would have knocked a girl dead, but when combined with his unattractive personal grooming habits, a perpetual slump to his broad shoulders, and a habit of flinching from loud noises…no, Manny wasn‟t exactly prime date material. Not that Jazz was in the market. Manny was watching Lucia.

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