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By James Axler

ISBN-10: 0373625154

ISBN-13: 9780373625154

Visiting to the wastelands of the forty-ninth parallel to rescue his son, Ryan Cawdor, together with his band of post-apocalyptic survivors, needs to conflict a legion of hunter androids, designed to kill intruders.

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It was one of the longest notices that Ryan had ever seen, and one of the most meaningless, though he didn't like the sound of "sec traps," and "termination level" had a finite ring to it. Since he couldn't get in through locked sec doors, none of it mattered very much anyway. "Bastard," he said quietly, banging his fist on the dark green door. He was already turning away from it when he realized something extraordinary. The door had moved. Ryan shook his head. Maybe the place was getting to him.

Seven shot. " He saw that Ryan and Jak looked puzzled. B. " There was a badge on the front, a small, hand-beaten circle of silver. "Russkies. " Jak nodded. "I told Christina about that time in Moscow. " Ryan nodded. He remembered Zimyanin well enough. They'd met Major-Commissar Gregori Zimyanin twice, once up in the wilderness of Alaska and once in the muddy roads around Moscow. He worked for the Security Section. He was one of the strongest men that Ryan had ever met, with the bursting muscled look of someone who worked out every day and kept himself needle-sharp.

Mebbe could" Ryan slapped him on the shoulder. "Mebbe couldn't, you stupe. " "No, thanks. " They shook hands quickly, the merest brush of skin against skin. Jak stepped into the chamber, then spun around. "Fuck that," he said, grabbing Ryan and hugging him hard. Ryan returned his unexpected show of affection, feeling a slight prickling behind his eyelid. " He waited until the teenager was sitting, facing the doorway. "Could be better if you lie flat. " A single finger was raised, bringing a smile from Ryan.

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