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By James Axler

ISBN-10: 0373625146

ISBN-13: 9780373625147

Out of the ashes of world destruction, Ryan Cawdor and his roving band of warrior survivalists proceed their grim odyssey throughout a nuke-ravaged the USA, looking for a sanctuary and the promise of a higher lifestyles.

rising from a Gateway into Florida's sultry warmth, they input the area of a filthy rich baron a technical genious whose seat fo energy is a rebuilt subject park the place the rides are quick and thrill seekers are assured the time in their lives...if they could get out alive.

Influencing the baron is a ruthless and hypnotic cult chief and his demonic "family," whose murderous video games capture Ryan right into a nighttime killing spree...with just one approach out.

within the Deathlands, the long run is a dream. truth is a nightmare.

GraphicAudio...A motion picture on your brain is a different audio leisure adventure that includes a complete solid of actors, sound results and cinematic track.

Publisher's Weekly says "Graphic Audio promises an motion and sound impression loaded audiobook that lives as much as its tagline, a film on your mind."

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Dark night, Ryan! " "I know. B. wasn't an arguing sort of a man. " DEAN WAS DELIGHTED to be trusted with such an important mission. " "No. I don't want chilling. I want to know if the stupes up there make a move. " He reached out a skinny hand and slapped Ryan on the palm. " His feet pattered up the filthy staircase. B. had dropped a small, rough pebble down the shaft, Head to one side, he counted to himself, all of them silent as they waited. When the sound came, it was very small and far-off, swallowed by the shaft.

Floods and droughts. Mountains and valleys. " The man risked the arm around the shoulder again, and the boy didn't pull away. " "Yeah. " "Think it was a sort of rad sick. " The boy looked up at him, his eyes brimming with unshed tears. "Don't be a stupe, Ryan. Rona worked at fucking in gaudies in pesthole villes. Left me with Janya for weeks. Out west. Bad place for rad sickness. " Ryan had seen plenty of cases of the lingering nuke-bred disease. He didn't want to think about the tall and beautiful blonde, riddled with the sickness, but his imagination was too powerful, too insistent.

B. ran them through his hands, measuring them against his own arms' span. "Each one's close to twenty feet. " "Two hundred feet short," said Mildred. " "We aren't jumping," he replied, his voice showing his preoccupation. "It was a joke, John. " Doc laughed quietly. " She ignored him. "In stages," Ryan mused. "Need anchoring points on the way. " "Not impossible. B. paused. " Krysty patted Ryan on the arm. "Kind of trip I like, lover. " WHILE THE OTHERS STARTED knotting the lengths of rope together, Ryan went back up the staircase again, calling to his son.

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