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By James Axler

ISBN-10: 0373625138

ISBN-13: 9780373625130

America's post-holocaust nightmare maintains as Ryan Cawdor returns to the big urman slum that used to be long island City...and discovers a bit of the future...

because the raming band of survivors search desperately to flee the eerie wastes and mutated life-forms in their nuclear hell, they emerge from a gateway again into the ruins of long island the concrete battlefield the place Ryan had avanged the loss of life of his father and older brother.

town is a flooded hellzone governed via highway gangs adn hordes of reptilian mutants who inhabit the sewers. below this city damage lives the self-styled King of the Underground, presiding over his subterranean castle choked with prenuke memorabilia. And the following, during this as soon as nice city, lives a ten-year-old boy. he's Ryan Cawdor's son...

the youngsters shall inherit the Earth.

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When the last four broke, almost simultaneously, the noise was appalling. Instantly the thick wires, feeling almost like rods of iron, were transformed into whirling dervishes of malign metal. The five friends were rolled, lifted, swung and dashed against the unforgiving walls of stone. With double weight on it, the cable that supported Krysty and Ryan steadied first, giving them a chance to look down. The elevator was falling away from them, slowly at first, then gathering momentum. The rectangle of light that was the trapdoor enabled them to follow it all the way.

Passage is wrong. " Ryan knew there was another question. " "No," he replied reluctantly. " IT TOOK ANOTHER KICK from Ryan's combat boot to get the steel doors to slide shut. Even with all five of the friends inside, there was still masses of room. Mildred stood by the control panel, finger poised. "Not much of a decision needed," she said. "It's either up or down. " The inset button, surrounded by a ring of frail golden light, clicked. The metal cage began to vibrate, slowly, then faster. They could feel, rather than hear, distant humming.

Ryan also stood up. " In his heart Ryan thrilled to the idea that they might one day stumble upon a viable way of temporal travel. Like many people in Deathlands, he was often occupied with the idea of getting back to the golden days before the long winters and sky-dark. To see the world of myth and legend when cities towered a thousand feet high, topped with onyx and chalcedony before man's madness turned inward and he rent his universe apart. But he knew this would never happen. The mat-trans units had been a closely guarded secret, with their ability to transport anything over thousands of miles in the blinking of an eye.

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