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Not entirely, no. The main basis I have is... " Ben sat up straight. He hadn't heard anything about this before. " Bullock asked. "Of course. Repeatedly. At length. " Erin leaned forward, gripping the rail. ' This is the man who hit me, groped me, all the while calling me names and making disgusting remarks. ' That's what he said. 'I'll hurt you till you scream for me to stop. ' That's what he said when he pressed his knife against my throat. " She lowered her head. " Ben swore silently. He'd been planning to cross on her identification of a man who was wearing a ski mask the whole time she saw him.

She told them how she and her mother and siblings had returned home to find a brute in a ski mask torturing her father. How he had held them all at gunpoint, had beaten and abused and cut them, one after the other. How she had watched helplessly as her family was brutalized. And finally, how he had broken her leg and knocked her out. The account of her time locked in the basement was perhaps even more riveting. The story of a fifteen-year-old girl, naked, disoriented, suffering from a broken leg, nonetheless mustering the presence of mind and the courage to break her own thumb in order to escape was a resounding testament to the indomitability of the human spirit.

More of a dull throbbing, steady and rhythmic, but not incapacitating. In biology, she had learned about the body's natural anesthetics. Must be kicking in, she thought. Or perhaps she was just so broken she couldn't feel anything anymore. She began to slowly crawl away from the spot where she had been chained for so long. She had no idea where she was going. She just had to get away. She hit some kind of wall. She pulled herself alongside it, feeling for an opening. Eventually, she found a raised ridge.

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