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By William W. Johnstone

ISBN-10: 0786023473

ISBN-13: 9780786023479

Years after Wild invoice Hickok made his mark on Deadwood, Scratch Morton and Bo Creel make theirs. Their task is guarding gold shipments from the mining camps - shipments that continue getting hijacked via a gang referred to as the Devils of Deadwood who carve pitchforks into their sufferers' our bodies. With Thanksgiving impending, Scratch simply desires to carve a turkey with a good-looking widow girl at his part. path, whilst the U.S. military involves the rescue, all hell breaks unfastened. The widow will get taken hostage, so do a number of infantrymen. Now, Scratch and Bo are going after lacking gold and a band of vicious killers within the middle of a wintry weather typhoon.

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You’re welcome,” Scratch said. ” She gestured toward the stove and the coffeepot. “I was about to give Reese a faceful of hot coffee. ” She was in her thirties, Bo estimated, with work-roughened hands and enough lines in her face to show that life hadn’t always treated her kindly. Thick auburn hair was pulled into a bun on the back of her head and pinned into place. Bo thumbed his hat back and said, “Sorry if we added to the problem, ma’am. ” Her expression softened a little. “Oh, I know that.

Davenport motioned for an end to the hubbub, but the noisy crowd ignored him. That lasted until a tall, hawk-faced man in a brown suit and Stetson strode up and said in a loud, clear, commanding voice, “All right, settle down, you people! ” Despite the fact that the day was chilly, Davenport pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped it over his face as an uneasy quiet settled on the crowd. “Thank God you’re here, Sheriff,” he said to the newcomer. ” Bo saw the badge on the hawk-faced man’s vest now.

That left just Turley to fight off the attack, and he was badly outnumbered. Several outlaws burst from the trees on horseback and splashed across the creek to give chase to the wagon, which was rattling and bouncing along faster now as Chloride finally got the mules to run. Smoke puffed from the six-guns wielded by the men, who had bandanas pulled up over their faces to conceal their identities. Chloride yelled encouragement to the remaining guard. ” Turley shouted back as he levered another round into the Winchester’s chamber.

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