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By Linda Lael Miller

ISBN-10: 1552546713

ISBN-13: 9781552546710

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My cell phone played its ditty-of-the-week just as I made a right turn onto Center Street. Certain that something dire was going on with Lillian, I dived for it. The trucker behind me leaned on his air horn, and I swerved to the side of the road, parked. ” I cried breathlessly. ” I closed my eyes, dizzy with relief. No bad news about Lillian. At least, not yet. “Tucker,” I repeated numbly. ” “I’m fine,” I said. He was always asking me that, and I always gave him the same answer, whether it was true or not.

I ought to be back by Monday afternoon. ” “Sure,” he said, and the old baby blues twinkled. “Sheila’s after me to shut down the bar for a few days next week, so we can go camping up at Oak Creek Canyon. You mind dog-sitting while we’re gone? ” I grinned, touched Bert’s shoulder as I passed with a large coffee to go. ” In my opinion, Sheila was right—Bert needed some time off. In the two years I’d lived over the saloon, he’d never turned away a day’s business. In fact, last Christmas morning, he and Sheila had thrown a party for their customers, right there on the premises.

It was wrinkled—nothing I sleep in gets ironed, and neither does most of what I don’t sleep in—but comfortably soft, and definitely clean. I brushed my teeth, checked all the locks again and tumbled into bed. The next thing I knew, sunlight was streaming into the room and I could hear a lawn crew outside, chattering in Spanish, with an accompaniment of lively Latin tunes. No night visits from Nick. No bad dreams. I figured I was on a roll, and the rest of the day would go well. Yeah, right. I put on jeans and a T-shirt with no logo—for dressup—and walked almost all the way around the main house before I found the patio.

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