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By Beverly Connor

ISBN-10: 0451411927

ISBN-13: 9780451411921

Whilst forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon discovers a trio of decades-old skeletons, she additionally reveals the main to a secret that reaches again seventy years in a legacy of affection, greed, and murder-and an unearthed family members mystery that also holds the facility to kill.

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Yelled Mike. ” Diane walked around the room, examining everything. “That’s what I like about you, Doc. ” Diane had hardly heard him, however. The hair on the back of her neck prickled. In her dim peripheral vision she saw the figure of someone crouching behind one of the stalagmites. Chapter 2 Diane drew a shallow breath, focused her light full on the figure and discovered that it was not crouching but slumping, its back against the wall, long dead. She walked carefully to it, examining the floor each step of the way, then dropped on her haunches next to the body.

The high road and the low road,” said Mike as they stood next to the openings. Diane noticed that, like her, he was drawn to the one that led down. He stepped through the entrance and looked down. Diane stood behind him, very still, listening. ” said Mike. “I thought I heard something when I was here before. ” “Like flowing water, maybe? ” He grinned at her. ” “No. But we can come back next weekend,” said Mike. ” “I’m leaving for a two-week vacation in the mountains tomorrow. How about in three weeks?

She absently rubbed her temple. “I’ve got some aspirin,” said Mike. ” “The coroner’s sending a deputy to make it official. I got hold of Jin,” said Mike. “He’s bringing what you need from the crime lab. MacGregor’s waiting outside the cave for him. ” “Good job. ” They stood looking at each other, their headlamps making a pool of light surrounding them. ” asked Diane after a pause. “She’s happily searching a grid pattern of the chamber floor. She showed me the railroad spike she found. Said you seemed happy about it, but she wasn’t sure why.

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