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By P. Anthony

ISBN-10: 0441000525

ISBN-13: 9780441000524

With humankind surviving underground within the twenty-fifth-century's final urban, a brave guy trips again in time into Cuba's background to attempt to change the earlier and prevent the all over the world conflagration that will depart Earth a nuclear wilderness. Reprint.

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It was like a rifle barrel smashed across the face—this abrupt obscenity inserted into the fertility ritual! An abomination, to pretend that one woman could impregnate another, or even stimulate her to— He had to look away, lest he betray his horror. Then he noted the reactions of the other spectators. The watching men were avid. Their mouths were open and some were making sucking motions similar to those of the redhead on the stage. Even the females in the audience were staring, their hips making motions similar to those of the nude mulatto.

But we'll soon know. " "This girl is? " Jimenez laughed briefly. "I did not talk to the girl. I talked to Luisa, who checked with the others to verify your identity, in case you were a known spy. And this Adelita told Luisa she knew you, and Luisa told me, and we compared notes, and if that girl does not know you, amigo, she has a remarkably accurate imagination! Unless she's an Espiritismo adept and can see—" He paused as Bringas choked, taking the reaction as a kind of admission. " Bringas stiffened.

Now the man decided he wanted the redhead more directly. But she was afraid of him, of the awesome size of him, and retreated. The mulatto, seeing her chance for revenge, took hold of the other girl and wrestled her down for Superman's access. " Bringas muttered. "Hardly," Adelita said. "After the show he will go home with some lucky couple for a mere fifty pesos. " Bringas shook his head, bemused. The shocks were losing their impact from repetition, as the killing had a few days ago. " She laughed.

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