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By Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli

ISBN-10: 0738732176

ISBN-13: 9780738732176

A Kirkus experiences Best booklet of 2011!

Something nasty is afoot in Emily Kincaid's northern Michigan town―besides Emily's more and more cranky buddy Deputy Dolly. while the physique of a brutally slain lady turns up in an deserted farmhouse, Emily and Dolly discover a traumatic trend. our bodies of lifeless canine are being thrown into migrant Mexican employees' yards―a ugly caution to maintain a persons despicable secret.

Clues to solve this macabre affair look woven into the manuscript Emily is modifying for Cecil Hawke, an eccentric English writer. every one web page paints an eerily universal photograph of intimidation, insanity, and homicide. yet studying additional into the Englishman's twisted fiction may perhaps spell Emily's premature death.

"Buzzelli can have you packing your luggage for a movement to northern Michigan."―KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

"Emily is a detective for our skint instances: She cannot find the money for well-being care, yet she will make flour out of cat tails and paintings 3 jobs at once."―CHRISTIAN technological know-how MONITOR

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The body was found by a couple of teenage boys looking in the windows of the old house, probably with the intention of breaking in. “Said they were only curious and weren’t going to do any more than take a look. Either way, it doesn’t matter,” Brent said. ” I had all I was going to get, typed up the story, and e-mailed it over to Bill. On the way out I waved, though he did little more than glance up from copy he was editing and give me a distracted smile. I forgot to ask about other assignments.

Sometimes I regretted that I’d tossed my old life away. But there were those other times, times when I wanted to pat myself on the back and wanted to click my heels in the air. Times when I wanted to shout out how happy I was. Now my ex had come to stay near Traverse City, on sabbatical, writing his giant tome—to end all tomes—on Chaucer and his pilgrims on their way to Canterbury. He was far enough away from Willow Lake to keep from being a pest. Close enough by phone, e-mail, and need to be a nuisance.

One of the birds glared forward, as if fixated by something. Another leaped back atop a thing lying too still to be living. The bird took a long moment to pull himself away from what he’d found, giving way grudgingly, only as we got almost to where he stood. A dog lay among flattened grasses, a pale furred dog—probably a pit bull, I thought, from the configuration of the snout and thick body, and from the pink-rimmed eye I could see, one pink-rimmed, oozing eye the buzzard had been pecking. ” Dolly said.

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