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By Professor Dr. Y. P. S. Bajaj (eds.)

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1985) have undertaken preliminary experiments to select in vitro for alkali resistance. Barlass and Skene (1981) have evaluated the relative NaCI-tolerances of fragmented shoot apex cultures of various grapevine hybrids and cultivars in vitro. They found that their ranking tended to reflect the results obtained with grapevines grown in the greenhouse. ) 27 the lack of water stress in culture does not permit extrapolation to a field situation except as an indication of relative values. 2 Haploids Haploid plants and the homozygous diploids derived from them are of considerable value for genetic analysis and crop improvement (Reinert and Bajaj 1977; Bajaj 1983).

For resistance to Agrobacterium; bypassing protoplast technology for gene transfers Selection of NaCItolerant rootstocks Heintz et al. (1985) Axillary bud cultures Leaf discs Shoot tip cultures Agrobacterium tumefaciens and A. rhizogenes gall formation in vitro V. rupestris Scheele Anther-derived callus and cell suspensions Ovules of seedless grapes NaCI tolerance Pinot clone 113 Barlass and Skene (1983) In vitro plantlets from axillary buds Vanessa Seedless, Remaily Seedless V. vinijera Perlette, Flame Seedless, Sultanina 6 genotypes Yamakawa et al.

Monette inositol were necessary and that nicotinic acid and pyridoxine were beneficial for shoot multiplication. The cytokinin benzyladenine (BA) elicits the greatest shoot multiplication and has generally been used at a concentration of 5 or 10 JlM (Harris and Stevenson 1982; Chee and Pool 1985). Kinetin and N-dimethylallyladenine (2iP) were not as suitable as BA (Novak and Juvova 1982; Reisch 1986). 5 JlM for culture establishment, and omitted it from their shoot mUltiplication medium. Novak and Juvova (1982) noted that the addition of ft-indolebutyric acid (IBA) to BA-containing medium stimulated callus formation and inhibited axillary bud proliferation.

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