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By Tom Kratman

ISBN-10: 1439134642

ISBN-13: 9781439134641

#2 within the leap forward Countdown modern day army experience series.  Brutally potent retired military colonel Wes Stauer instructions a crack outfit of former comrades to tug off a miracle mission.  yet Stauer should also harness and direct the brute inside himself – a beast he'll desire which will damage an clever enemy who's as implacable as Stauer himself.

War is brutal.  Colonel Wes Stauer gets it.  He ought to.  He was considered one of war’s such a lot brutal practitioners – let alone one in all its most suitable and least bloody.  Brutal convinced; silly no.  Now, not just needs to Stauer command his crack outfit of former comrades and pull off one more miracle undertaking, he also needs to harness and direct the brute inside himself – a beast he'll want with the intention to break an clever enemy who's as implacable as Stauer himself. ok, almost as implacable. there'll be war.  And there'll be warriors like Wes Stauer who've the information and, as soon as set in movement, the unstoppable specialist force, to determine the undesirable men to their graves and wreck each final earthly piece in their nasty legacies.

About Tom Kratman’s army thrillers and armed forces technological know-how fiction:
“Kratman's dystopia is a brisk web page turner packed with startling twists…[Kratman is] a certified army man…up to hurry on army and geopolitical conceits.” –Best-selling writer of America on my own Mark Steyn on Tom Kratman’s uncompromising army SF mystery, Califate

“Kratman increases disquieting questions about what it may take to win the warfare on terror…realistic motion sequences, robust characterizations and suggestions at the philosophy of war.” – Publishers Weekly

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Fernandez shrugged. “Good point,” the general conceded. ” That brought a smile to the general’s face. “Better point,” he said. ” the admiral asked. The general considered this while continuing to walk. He reached the crenellations and stood there for a moment, watching a midsized freighter pass into the harbor through its narrow mouth. ” “Right again,” said Fernandez, also watching the passing ship. ” “Indeed. Money for my ships. Money for your tanks and infantry and artillery. Money to become combat effective again.

Assholes. Idiots. CHAPTER THREE Many intelligence reports in war are contradictory; even more are false, and most are uncertain. —Karl von Clausewitz, On War SCIF, Camp Fulton, Guyana There was a framed poster on the wall of Boxer’s officer. ” The caption underneath said, “Americans. We will cross an icy river to kill you in your sleep. ” “Sir, however much they might like to occupy this place—and, based on what we saw on the streets, Chavez has some serious domestic political and economic problems he’d probably like to take peoples’ minds off of—I just don’t see the assholes being capable of doing much of anything,” Eeyore Antoniewicz told the regimental Chief of Staff, Boxer.

He stuck his head inside Joshua’s door. ” “Thanks, Top. ” Joshua shook his gray-haired head, a smile briefly lighting his deeply seamed black face. “Nah. As soon as I heard the plane and realized Reilly would be tying up the roads, I told the duty driver to take his time about getting back. ” “Great. ” Stauer turned away and walked past the adjutant, seated now at his desk in the open area surrounded by the offices of the rest of the regiment’s primary staff. The adjutant, DeWitt, just nodded greetings as he went back to his paperwork, muttering dark imprecations at—to Stauer’s complete lack of surprise—Reilly and the First Battalion.

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