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By Robert B. Parker

ISBN-10: 0425204286

ISBN-13: 9780425204283

Whilst his blood brother Hawk is crushed inside an inch of his existence, Spenser infiltrates a ruthless mob within the identify of friendship--and revenge.

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He is what he wants to be. " "I don't know. " "It's a high price," she said. "It is," I said. " "That doesn't make you just like Hawk," I said. " "Neither are you," she said. " "I'm saying he can't see you until he's Hawk again. His Hawk. " "I'm not sure you have," Cecile said. "No. I'm not sure I have, either," I said. " Cecile said. " "Susan and Hawk were with me. " The waiter drifted solicitously by. I nodded. He paused. I ordered two more drinks. Cecile looked out the window for a while. "You love her," Cecile said.

It is, at least, an aberration," I said. " Cecile said. I grinned again. "Hawk," I said. Cecile took a sip of her drink and closed her eyes and tilted her head back and swallowed slowly. She sat for a moment like that, with her eyes closed and her head back. Then she sat up and opened her eyes. "I give up," she said. She raised her glass toward me. I touched the rim of her glass with the rim of mine. It made a satisfying clink. We both smiled. "Thank you," she said. " "Maybe you did," she said.

Well," Cecile said with a faint smile. " "Hawk wants me to explain to you," I said. " she said. "Him," I said. " Cecile sat back with her hands resting on the table and stared at me. The waiter came with the drinks and set them down happily, and went away. Cecile took a sip of her drink and put it back down and smiled. " "That would be the right reaction," I said. "I could have considered it possible that I knew him well, and perhaps even in ways that you don't," Cecile said. " "That would be another possible reaction," I said.

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