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By Geoffrey M. Horn

ISBN-10: 1604137851

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Coal, oil, and average gasoline are the world's most vital assets of fundamental strength. besides the fact that, as we stream into the longer term, those nonrenewable assets of strength becomes much less extensively to be had. Coal, Oil, and normal fuel explores the significance of fossil fuels and their effect at the international setting and financial system.

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44 fossil fuels: Fuels, such as coal, natural gas, or oil, that were formed underground over millions of years from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals. Such fuels are not renewable. liquefied natural gas (LNG): Natural gas after it is cooled to –259º Fahrenheit (–182º Celsius). methane: A gas used as a fuel that is the main ingredient in natural gas. oil sands: Deposits containing crude oil in the form of bitumen, along with sand, clay, and water. plankton: Very tiny life forms that float in the oceans.

The owners paid $3 million to get their ship back. They made the deal because the oil was worth much more. S. Navy and other ships patrol the gulf, but the patrols cannot be everywhere. If piracy grows, oil shipping will become more dangerous and costly. 32 Strip mining of coal damages the environment by cutting down trees and removing topsoil. down and topsoil is stripped away. After the coal has been mined, the topsoil is supposed to be put back. Then, the mining company is supposed to replant trees and grass.

Instead, the plant will use a process called carbon capture or sequestration. ) The plant will pump the CO2 into storage sites where it will be trapped deep underground. Scientists are also working on other methods to trap CO2 or reuse it safely. A drawing of what the FutureGen plant will look like. 41 COAL, OIL, AND NATURAL GAS People can bring reusable cloth bags to the grocery store. This cuts down on the oil that is used to make plastic bags. cap, dirtier plants will need to buy the leftover allowance from the cleaner plants.

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