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By Louis L'Amour

ISBN-10: 0553280856

ISBN-13: 9780553280852

He was once an orphan from the hills of Tennessee and he hadn’t eaten in 3 days. With front of his abdominal making acquaintances with the again, he was once in no place to enable a chance slip via neglected. And whilst Chancy defended his new herd of farm animals with a shotgun, he didn’t omit. The lifeless guy left a pistol at the floor. Chancy wanted a spare and, after stowing it in his bedroll, forgot approximately it. He had a livestock force to complete and a revenue to make.But the gun had a heritage. one other killing had taken position and Chancy could by no means understand the reality till it used to be too past due. Now, locked in a prison mobile with an indignant, drunken mob outdoors and time operating out, he needs to someway have the ability to end up his innocence.

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The sheriff demanded. ” “All right, all right,” Gates whispered hoarsely to me. ” He glanced at the others with him. ” They nodded, and he signed. Deliberately I took the paper, turned my back on them, and walked to my horse. Tied to the saddle by a slipknot was my Colt revolving shotgun. Taking the shotgun, I stepped back into the light. ” the sheriff said again. ” “I just bought title to those cattle you say you’re going to cut from the herd. You ain’t getting hide nor hair of them. ” He looked to be a mighty mean man, and I knew he wasn’t going to back down.

Meanwhile, I made a book tally of my stock. A man unused to working cattle might have the idea they all look alike, but a good cattleman will soon know every steer in a herd. My brands tallied to seven hundred and thirty-three. At the crossing of the Canadian we met our first Indians, a small party of Shawnees, living in buffalo-hide lodges. Three bucks mounted ponies and rode over to meet us. Turning the dun, I went out to them. Now, a long time back the Cumberland was Shawnee country, and a few of them had drifted back there to live, so I knew some of their lingo, and of course I’d picked up sign language from the Cherokees.

It was said. The Cherokees were friendly, I knew, and good people, but they had their renegades, too, and a herd of strange cattle would be a temptation to them. Westward, the Indians we would meet would be wild Indians, out for scalps and horses, and I had an idea this rawhide outfit would be glad they had me along. But I knew that folks can sometimes come to hate a man they owe; and as time went on, they would find reasons for liking me less and less. When I came in to the fire at noontime they had been talking about it.

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