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By Robert Sier

ISBN-10: 1480036536

ISBN-13: 9781480036536

Derek, a pacifistic cyborg from the hot Athens stellar colony, reveals himself stranded on a post-apocalyptic fable Earth. He has extra special energy at his fingertips, yet he is continuously been in a position to take it with no consideration that everybody he meets is fit and empowered. he is by no means even heard the notice 'orc', or anticipated to satisfy a vampire - less an orcish vampire. the area does not have time to allow him cease and gawk, as he has to accommodate the meddlings of a proactive prophet, blunder via a civil warfare and take a look at to prevent breaking his partners in his first few days at the Shattered Earth.

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Perhaps he'd know them by another name? ” “They’re…” She sighed. “They’re kinda like humans. A little shorter, a little weaker, but tough. ” 34 “They can be. Don’t expect them to think like you, treat them fairly, and they can be fair right back. ” “Okay. ” “I’m not sure. I know it took a while, with parts of the world being replaced each time, but I can’t remember how long it took or who came in what order, other than taerlae. ” Derek was silent for a moment. ” “Let’s see. Orcs, taerlae, waushan, vreet, and titans.

She didn’t understand him, but some small part of her felt an urge to protect him. Which meant that she’d better not let him or anyone else know or horrible things would happen to him, just as always. If he never knew, maybe she could keep him safe. 49 She shook her head. ” *** Thursday, October 27, 3481. Time: Early morning. Location: Wilderness, claimed by Overarchy. Between Worldsedge and Ruins of Redmere. James rubbed his bracelet. He didn’t have anything to say yet, and the familiar motion helped him think.

He pulled a white cloth from his pocket, unfolded it into a scarf-like length and offered her one end. “Wrap this around your head. ” She pushed it back. “No way. ” He seemed genuinely confused, but he could just be a good actor. ” “Oh. You can leave your other eye uncovered. We’re not working with it. Or, wait. Let me have a look. Keep your eye open…” He leaned in close. “Okay. Good enough. ” She did as he said. The cloth seemed smooth and soft, except when she placed it on her face; there, it stuck.

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