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By Lloyd Rose

ISBN-10: 0563538570

ISBN-13: 9780563538578

The Doctor's moment middle was once taken from his physique -- for his personal sturdy, he was once instructed. got rid of by way of his someday best friend, someday rival, the mysterious time-traveller Sabbath. Now, as a brand new chance menaces truth, the health practitioner reveals himself operating with Sabbath back. From a seance in Victorian London to a wild pursuit on Dartmoor, the health practitioner and his partners paintings frantically to solve the secret of this most up-to-date hazard to Time... prior to Time itself unravels.

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I’m willing to hypnotise you. ’ ‘Then when? ’ ‘The next day. ’ Chiltern frowned in surprise. ’ ‘Magic. Chiltern dreamed again. The Doctor, in a splendid scarlet coat, was a magician, spreading a fan of cards in his long fingers. Only, Chiltern discovered as he drew one, these weren’t playing cards but the fortune-telling kind. He held a picture of a tower being struck by lightning. It was extraordinarily well done: the lightning seemed to flash, and he could see the rain slipping down the rough wall of bricks.

Chiltern raised his wet face. ‘I could cure him. I’m a doctor. Tell me,’ He groped and found the Doctor’s arm. It was reassuringly solid. ‘Don’t you think it’s all physical? ’ ‘It’s in the flesh, you see – in the flesh. Someday we’ll be able to cure everything with an operation. ’ The Doctor looked at him sadly. ’ ‘Very young, very young. We were so much alike, everyone said so. Then he changed. His mind withered. ’ Chiltern’s voice dropped to a whisper. ’ ‘As if there had only been enough to make one person, and I sucked it all up.

The practice was still associated with charlatans and quacks, but Chiltern had long suspected there was something to it. Perhaps even Sebastian. . Oh, what was he thinking? What good would hypnosis do there? Did he expect he’d find the ‘real’ untroubled Sebastian hidden beneath the madness, the man he’d grown up with – ‘Ah,’ he breathed involuntarily, as the pain tightened at the base of his skull. He sat still, eyes shut, taking deep breaths, and it subsided a little. When he opened his eyes, Smith was standing in front of him.

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