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By Kerrie O'Connor

ISBN-10: 1741144051

ISBN-13: 9781741144055

ISBN-10: 1741762030

ISBN-13: 9781741762037

The escapades of Lucy, Ricardo, and their Telarian neighbors proceed during this exciting sequel to the preferred throughout the Tiger’s Eye. Featuring magical realism components, the radical once more reunites the younger pals, this time to outwit the warriors who're oppressing civilians in the fantasy international of Telares. The feisty younger protagonists conflict an underground river, participate in a determined chase, and try a bold rescue mission. A dramatic mixture of mind's eye, pleasure, and humor, this novel additionally touches on very important matters akin to political repression and baby hard work.

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You should have taken me with you and looked after me. So it was your fault. ’ For once, Lucy was speechless. The worst thing was, she knew he was right about one thing. Short of tying him up, she couldn’t stop him going into Telares. She looked about for some rope. Ricardo wasn’t always silly. ’ Lucy looked him full in the eye. ’ ‘I promise I’ll . . ’ ‘SHHH! ’ ‘I promise I’ll do whatever I say . ’ ‘You’d better! ’ Janella nodded and Lucy took a step into the Telarian afternoon. This time Ricardo wasn’t ready.

It was as if the Commander had hit an invisible wall. His gun was aimed at Lucy’s chest but it was useless. His body was frozen. Lucy saw fear in his eyes. Then she was the roar. Muscle, blood and bone answered the call and she leaped for his throat . . . And missed! Mid-leap, she watched the Commander hit the ground, felled like a tree. Lucy landed on all fours where he had stood and shook her head, confused. The rank stench of sweat and fear filled her nostrils. The 35 By the Monkey's Tail 6/6/06 2:05 PM Page 36 Commander was lying next to her, still as death.

Lucy exclaimed. ‘Yes. And we will fight like Tigers until the Bulls are gone. Then we will fight like tigers on the soccer field,’ said Pablo excitedly. It was great to see Carlos and Pablo grinning. Lucy had a vivid memory of the day in the rainforest clearing when she had first heard the story of the Telares Tigers soccer team. It was exciting, but tragic. Carlos’ father was the coach. He had stood up to the Bulls and they had paid him back by killing him and Carlos’ mother. They had thrown Carlos in jail.

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