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By Louis L'Amour

ISBN-10: 0553281070

ISBN-13: 9780553281071

Significant James Brionne introduced Dave Allard to trial for homicide. in advance of the putting, Dave swore his brothers may take vengenance. . .Four yr later the Allard boys retumed to settle the ranking. merely Brionne's son escaped. They murdered his spouse, destroyed his domestic, and left Brionne not anything however the charred ruins of his earlier to hang-out him. looking peace and a brand new existence, Brionne and the boy headed west. however the Allards hadn't comprehensive with him. He knew they would name him for a showdown-and this time he'd be prepared . . . .

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They were here first. At least, they were here before the white man came. But the Indian rarely claimed any fixed ground. Usually a wide area might be known as the hunting grounds of a certain tribe, but other tribes sometimes drove them away, and no boundary was recognized that could not be held by strength. "They fought often among themselves over hunting grounds or areas where food plants grew. Sometimes they fought simply because they wanted to fight; often they fought for scalps. That's one of the troubles now.

I thought there'd be... " He smiled. "They're for men, ma'am, and rough men at that. We must find something else for you. " They crossed the street to avoid the group gathered around the man Brionne had hit, and went back to the livery stable. "Sure'n my own Mary will have a place for you, miss," Pat said. "She'd not have you go elsewhere. " Brionne studied Miranda. "Miss Loften, permit me to ask, why did you come here in the first place? " "Oh, it's all right," she answered. " Pat glanced at Brionne.

From where he crouched Brionne could hear the heavy panting of the engine, and the occasional calls of the men working along the platform. It must be almost train time. By now they knew he had left the restaurant by the rear door. If they were hunting him, they would be checking every route back to the station, and they were few. So far he had moved by the most direct way, and from this spot the most direct route was across the street into that alley... so they would not take it. Quietly, his lips close to Mat's ear, he explained his reasoning.

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