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By Laura Lee Hope

ISBN-10: 0448437538

ISBN-13: 9780448437538

The Bobbsey Twins slightly break out a daunting come across with a ferocious bull during this nation-state experience. The Bobbsey Twins--Bert and Nan, Freddie and Flossie--have received thousands of enthusiasts due to the fact that their first experience in 1904. whereas final actual to the spirit of the unique variations, those revisions of the vintage mysteries have fast-moving plots and fascinating illustrations particularly for cutting-edge younger readers.

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Oh, boy! " Aunt Sarah served the dessert. She took a spoonful and an odd look came over her face. "It's—er—quite good," she murmured. Next Nan tasted her dessert. She put down her spoon. " She looked at her sister. " "Why yes. " Suddenly Dinah, who was bringing in the cake, burst out, "Dear me! Sugar! " Bert grinned. "New flavor, folks. " At that moment Uncle Daniel looked at some- 40 ADVENTURE IN THE COUNTRY thing on his spoon. " he exclaimed. Flossie leaned over to see, then burst into giggles.

Flossie jumped up and GOING, GOING, GONE! 53 down and clapped her hands. " While Uncle Daniel took the money and went up to pay the auctioneer, Mrs. Bobbsey explained to the twins that when Aunt Sarah had written that the pony and cart were to be put up for sale, their father had decided to buy them for the children. "But," she continued, "ponies and carts are not allowed on the streets of Lakeport. So your father and I thought we would leave them here at Meadowbrook. " The twins thought this a good idea.

49 A wave of laughter spread over the audience. Uncle Daniel explained to Freddie that a mustache cup was made with a partition across the opening so that a man's mustache would not get wet while he was drinking from it. Freddie giggled. "I don't need it now, but I might have a mustache when I'm bigger. " he shouted. Little Roy Holden who was seated near the Bobbseys raised his hand. " "Fifteen cents," the auctioneer cried. "I hear fifteen cents ... " Freddie burst out. "Twenty-five cents I have.

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