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By William W. Johnstone

ISBN-10: 0786028734

ISBN-13: 9780786028733

Falcon MacCallister by no means inspiration he'd put on military brass. yet Colorado is set to affix the Union - and the would-be nation has simply made him Lt. Colonel in its domestic shield. Then, earlier than his army occupation can take off, Falcon loses one in every of his males and lethal new Gatling weapons to a murderous ambush. Falcon goes to get these Gatling weapons again - sooner than they kill the incorrect humans. Tracing the lacking weapons to japanese Montana, Falcon groups up with a scout named Isiah Dorman. Falcon and Dorman are spearheading a conflict opposed to the Sioux - within the shadow of the disastrous Little great Horn slaughter. For the 2 males, survival alongside the Little Bighorn goes to intend breaking principles, status powerful, status jointly - and preserving off a perilous onslaught with just a couple of weapons opposed to many.

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Yeah, but what I think they done was shoot back at him. Only, not bein’ professional gunmen like MacCallister is—” “Objection, Your Honor, to the defendant referring to Falcon MacCallister as a professional gunfighter,” Kincaid called. ” Gilmore said. He returned to the defendant’s desk and picked up three paperbound novels. “I hold in my hand the book Falcon MacCallister at Shoot Out Canyon. Also, Falcon MacCallister, Gunfighter for Justice, and finally, Falcon MacCallister and the Fast Draw Kid.

Harris chuckled. ” “I ain’t scared now—but would be, if we was still out here after dark. ” “Injuns don’t attack at night. ” “I’ve heard it,” Garon replied. “I don’t know as I’m willin’ to put that much faith in it. ” “Yeah, well, don’t worry. ” Harris pointed. ” At that moment one of the pack mules pulled away from its ground hobble and moved down to the edge of the water. “Keep an eye on that mule,” Harris ordered. “Don’t let him go wandering off. ” “That mule ain’t goin’ nowhere,” Garon replied.

As he passed through the gate, both guards brought their rifles up in present arms. Falcon smiled as he returned the salute. Major Brisbane had been a West Point graduate, and Falcon had to give him credit. Very quickly, his executive officer had taught a bunch of farmers, ranchers, and town clerks how to dress, salute, and stand at attention. Falcon had no idea how effective they would be if actually called upon to fight, but at least they looked like soldiers. As soon as he cleared the gate, he urged Hell into an easy but ground-eating lope.

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