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By Nevada Barr

ISBN-10: 0425183750

ISBN-13: 9780425183755

"All isn't really good in grizzly country...Barr's pink herrings and sly twists culminate in a single large payoff." (Entertainment Weekly)

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You've had the whole park looking for you for nearly two days. " Harry didn't sound like one of those glad individuals. He came across as brusque and crabby. Anna noticed the hikers, not yet properly thanked for their heroic role in the saga, exchange a glance of disapproval. , but Anna didn't think so. At least not entirely. She recognized the unpleasant task of leadership: Harry's work wasn't done yet. Happy as he might be that Van Slyke was alive and well, there were new plans to be laid now.

Trails in the park were routinely closed by the bear management team if a dead deer or elk was found on or near them. A carcass attracted bears. What they'd so laboriously carried out of the ravine might be a corpse tomorrow in a morgue. Tonight it was a carcass, just beginning to get ripe and alluring. Faced with a problem pertaining to Ursus horribilis, Joan regained her equilibrium and took charge. The body was wrapped in plastic garbage bags—not because it would keep the smell from the keen noses of any bears in the neighborhood but to shield the delicate sensibilities of the humans—and hung up in a tree thirty yards from camp along with the other edibles.

Tiring of its grim aspect, Anna looked north to where the mountain fell away in green and stone, tumbling steeply into the canyon cut by Kootnai Creek. In mist and blue velvet the Rockies rushed like water frozen in time across the Waterton Valley toward Canada. For the first time she had the sense she was on top of a mountain. Fragments of the rainstorm had settled beneath Flattop, clouds clinging to the sides of the far mountains. Sun-touched tops were pink, bottoms gray, leaching night up from the canyons.

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