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By Clive Cussler

ISBN-10: 0399152598

ISBN-13: 9780399152597

Clive Cussler's awesome new Dirk Pitt(r) experience. Clive the Mighty!" hailed Kirkus experiences approximately Cussler's final Dirk Pitt(r) novel, Trojan Odyssey. "Hurricane Clive at his so much tumultuous." no one has been in a position to fit Cussler but for the difficult plotting and sheer audacity of his paintings, and Black Wind units the bar even larger. within the waning days of global conflict II, the japanese attempted a final determined measure-a various type of kamikaze venture, this one conducted by means of submarines sure for the West Coast of the us, their shipment a innovative new pressure of organic virus. Neither sub made it to the detailed aim. yet that doesn't suggest they have been misplaced. anyone understands concerning the subs and what they bore, is aware too the place they could be, and has a unprecedented plan in shop for the prize inside-a scheme that can reshape the realm as we all know it. All that stands within the approach are 3 humans: a marine biologist named summer season, a marine engineer named Dirk, and their father, Dirk Pitt, the recent head of NUMA. Pitt has confronted devastating enemies prior to, and has even teamed up together with his teenagers to trace them down. yet by no means has he appeared upon the face of natural evil . . . beforehand. full of superb suspense and breathtaking motion, Black Wind is Cussler on the peak of his storytelling powers.

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