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By Kathleen Sky Kelly Freas

ISBN-10: 0373720149

ISBN-13: 9780373720149

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The android glanced from side to side, then bent closer to the listening group and put his plate of food down on the table. "I see that flower not get right care beside warehouse. I come back at night after shift over. I dig up flower. I take flower to quarters. I put flower in empty dish. Flower is beautiful. I get more flowers from Complex. But," he looked hopefully at Miranda, "I only get flowers that are sick. I make them well. " he said with pride, tapping himself on the chest. Andros had never seen a lower-grade android exhibit pride in anything before; it was a puzzling thing to watch.

Good idea," Rodge said. "Let's see, Kumuda came from Repozo; that's an outer colonial world. " Once again he played with his computer banks. It took only a couple of seconds for the answer to come back. "Oh no. Repozo was hit by an Ishurki raid five years ago. " Andros muttered. "You can take heart in one thing, at least," Rodge comforted. "There is no record of Kumuda's having left the planet, nor is there any death certificate. Our mysterious physician is alive and on Mhalkeri somewhere. And here's a request to tour the government-run crèche at Jastium.

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