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By Emilie Richards

ISBN-10: 1551664925

ISBN-13: 9781551664927

The Pearl of significant cost has published deadly flaws in all who have possessed it because its discovery in Australia a century in the past. desirous to holiday the curse, new proprietor Liana Robertson hides her gem in a vault. while her son disappears--with the pearl--Liana and her ex-husband needs to triumph over their bitterness to discover the boy and the enemy who will cease at not anything to reclaim this coldly excellent and unsafe treasure.

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But the shape and set of her dark eyes and the parchment tint of her skin hinted that she, like Frank, had family roots deep in the fertile soil of the Far East. Liana glanced at her watch, a Cartier that was much less her style than the brooch she had given away. "Did Cullen say if Matthew got in on time? I heard there were storms expected over the Rockies. And he was changing planes in Denver. " Liana didn't show her annoyance. "Well, he's not going to have the chance. " Frank turned away. " Liana looked up again.

We wouldn't ask you to have these finished so quickly, but we were just hired to work on a lugger, and we're leaving in the morning. This is our last chance for clean clothes. " He smiled and hoped she would lift her eyes. She did, and her gaze was surprisingly candid. " Despite the heat, he wanted to stay and gaze at her. He was reminded of the rare lovely Chinese women he had seen as a young boy. The merchants' wives with their embroidered clothing and festive holiday headdresses, the servant girls in their drab tunics and trousers.

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