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By Alexander Unzicker

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The lately celebrated discovery of the Higgs boson has captivated the public's mind's eye with the promise that it might probably clarify the origins of every thing within the universe. it really is no ask yourself that the media refers to it grandly because the "God particle." but at the back of closed doorways, physicists are admitting that there's even more to this tale, or even years of gunning the massive Hadron Collider and herculean quantity crunching should now not bring about a deep knowing of the legislation of nature. during this attention-grabbing and eye-opening account, theoretical physicist Alexander Unzicker and technological know-how author Sheilla Jones provide a polemic. They query even if the large-scale, multinational businesses truly lead us to the promised land of figuring out the universe. the 2 scientists take us on a journey of latest physics and convey how a chain of hugely publicized theories met a lifeless finish. Unzicker and Jones systematically unpack the new scorching theories similar to "parallel universes," "string theory," and "inflationary cosmology," and supply an obtainable rationalization of every. They argue that physics has deserted its evidence-based roots and shifted to untestable mathematical theories, they usually factor a clarion demand the technology to come to its experimental origin.

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HOMO SAPIENS, IS ANYONE HOME IN THERE? Recalling our vigilant aliens, we might suppose that at this stage they would send us a therapist. Besides being concerned about our highly exaggerated fantasies and the considerable disconnection from reality, our alien friend would probably diagnose us thusly: we suffer from the hallucination of having understood the ultimate laws of Nature, combined with the urgency to communicate it. According to a Chinese proverb, one fool can affirm more nonsense in one day than seven wise men can disprove in a year.

Instead, the theory—some say that it is only a hodgepodge of ideas resembling a theory—is continuously admired for its marvelous beauty. String theorists rebut attacks that there is as yet no backing evidence at all for the theory by claiming that it is simply too elegant to be gotten rid of. The theoretical physicist and string theory “dropout” Lee Smolin listed in his book The Trouble with Physics all of string theory’s shortcomings: its technical flaws, circular arguments, arbitrary concepts, and even the sociological component of what should be objective theory, such as the strange hierarchical structures in this “community” of physicists.

In order to look over Nature’s shoulder and detect such tiny changes in the dynamics of the universe, we need extremely accurate clocks. There are natural cosmic clocks. Pulsars were discovered in 1967 due to their strikingly fast and regular pulses of radio signals. For a while, researchers joked about “little green men” sending signals to Earth. Then it became clear that in reality the pulses were generated by neutron stars, the rapidly rotating remnants of supernova explosions of stars that had collapsed into spheres of about ten miles across.

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