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By Harald Kluge

ISBN-10: 1588905462

ISBN-13: 9781588905468

ISBN-10: 313143161X

ISBN-13: 9783131431615

A whole, single-volume reference for the cytological exam of
cerebrospinal fluid!

This full-color atlas provides all of the crucial
information wanted for attaining a correct cytological prognosis of
cerebrospinal fluid and its abnormalities. Designed as a medical and laboratory
reference, Atlas of CSF Cytology presents an outline of all of the commonplace
diagnostic concepts and gives perception into complex equipment comparable to movement
cytometry and immunocytological phenotyping. short descriptions of the
indications, merits, and boundaries are supplied for every process. An
extensive choice of greater than three hundred top quality cytological images
demonstrating general telephone constructions, in addition to pathological cells in acute and
remission stages allows the reader to appreciate ailment processes.


  • Guidelines for the right kind dealing with of specimens, phone education, and marking
  • Review of the typical assets of mistakes in prognosis
  • Thorough insurance of the suggestions for detecting and classifying inflammatory,
    infectious, neoplastic, and hemorrhagic stipulations of the imperative worried process
  • Descriptions of the main positive aspects of cells and the category of tumor
    cell kinds based on present W.H.O. criteria
  • Full-color pictures depicting pathological adjustments of CSF cells -- an necessary visible relief to

Atlas of CSF Cytology is perfect for experts in neurology,
neurosurgery, pathology/neuropathology, cytopathology, microbiology, and
laboratory drugs, in addition to for these internists, pediatricians, and
psychiatrists who usually request cytological exam of the CSF. although
it is written to satisfy the wishes of experts, the "Atlas" can be came across
accessible and enlightening by way of scientific scholars, interns and

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10 Promyelocytes in various stages of maturation (solid arrows) and an immature eosinophilic myelocyte (broken arrow). Fig. 11 Normoblast (solid arrow); myeloblasts (arrowheads); left, promyelocytes and eosinophil precursors; below right, two eosinophilic granulocytes (broken arrows) and a neutrophilic granulocyte with a band-shaped nucleus. poiesis (from myeloblasts to metamyelocytes), monocytopoiesis (from monoblasts to promonocytes), and thrombocytopoiesis (from megakaryoblasts to megakaryocytes).

No evidence of malignancy was found at autopsy (Sayk and Wieczorek). a An undifferentiated giant cell with polyploid, chromatin-rich nucleus containing a large nucleolus. The cytoplasm is basophilic with vacuoles seen at its outer edge. Hypersegmented, somewhat altered neutrophilic granulocytes are also present. b A multinucleated giant cell with nuclei with an unusually distinct structure and large nucleoli. Note the irregular contours of the plasma membrane. Granulocytes with degenerative changes and one hyperchromatic plasma cell are also seen.

Thieme-Verlag Frau Langner Sommer-Druck Feuchtwangen Kluge et al. 2006 Chapter-2 Lumbar Puncture Artifacts: Bone Marrow Components, Cartilage Cells, etc. Fig. 12 Erythroblast (broken arrow); metamyelocyte (arrowhead); promyelocytes (solid arrows). Fig. ). Fig. 14 Bone marrow components in the CSF as an artifact of lumbar puncture. Various precursor stages of hematopoiesis are seen: promyelocytes in different stages of maturation; polychromatic normoblasts (single cells and two nests of cells); orthochromatic normoblasts as individual cells and nests of cells.

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