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By Jason Butler; Tony Caudill

ISBN-10: 0764548301

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In general terms, a database can be thought of as a collection of related data. True/False 10. Which of the following is not a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)? a. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 b. Oracle 8i c. Microsoft Excel d. IBM DB2 11. Data can be categorized as either relational or non-relational. True/False 12. Database tables are composed of stored procedures and columns. True/False 13. Which of the following terms refers to a field or group of fields that uniquely identify a record?

For example, if you want to store a band’s name, you will store character data. If you want to store the number of members in the band, you would store the data as a number or integer. Each RDMS supports different data types. SQL Server, for instance, provides VARCHAR and CHAR among other data types to store character data, and INT and FLOAT among others to store numeric data. Refer to your RDMS’s documentation for supported data types. F 11/7/01 9:01 AM Page 23 Session 3—Designing a Database 23 Table 3-2 Optional and Required DB Elements Contact Element Data Type Size Optional/Required Band Title VARCHAR 50 Required Music Type Title VARCHAR 25 Required Record Company Title VARCHAR 25 Required Band Members VARCHAR 200 Required Albums VARCHAR 500 Optional Note Table 3-2 does not present an optimal table definition.

Try running this statement: INSERT INTO t_bands (band_title, music_type_id, record_company_id) VALUES (‘Toad The Wet Sprocket’,’1’,’1’) You should get an error when executing this command because you are attempting to insert character data into columns that expect numeric data. Here’s the correct INSERT statement: INSERT INTO t_bands (band_title, music_type_id, record_company_id) VALUES (‘Toad The Wet Sprocket’,1,1) DELETE Statements The DELETE command removes a row or multiple rows from a table.

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