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By Parviz Kambin

ISBN-10: 1588295222

ISBN-13: 9781588295224

ISBN-10: 1592599044

ISBN-13: 9781592599042

This authoritative and hugely illustrated consultant to arthoscopic and endoscopic surgical procedure describes and illustrates state of the art suggestions and techniques which are at the moment used for the therapy of painful backbone pathologies and the prevention of postsurgical failed again syndrome. The authors show step by step how minimally invasive concepts are played in spinal surgical procedure and the way anatomical constructions showing via an endoscope will help within the analysis and popularity of varied anatomical constructions of the backbone. An accompanying DVD indicates real surgeries played in the course of arthroscopic and endoscopic microdiscectomy and arthroscopic interbody fusion utilizing percutaneous pedicular fixators.

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However, during decompression 38 Kambin Fig. 10. V. anastomosis (courtesy of Wesley Parke). Fig. 11. Illustration showing origin of segmental arteries of lumbar spine. of the lateral recess in the treatment of lateral recess stenosis, particularly when a backfiring laser light is being used, great care must be exercised to protect the vascular structures and their accompanying exiting root in the pedicular notch. Only a small portion of the exiting root that is situated between the lateral pedicular line and the superior border of the transverse process is subject to insult during the posterolateral approach for the removal of extraforaminal herniations (7).

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