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By A. Marx (auth.)

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8] Life expectation in India. Lancet 2, 1373 (1963). [9] Union statistics (1910-1960) for fifty years. Bureau of Census and Statistics, Union of South Africa, 1960. : Nutritional research and the insurance companies. Lecture delivered to the Assurance Medical Society, London, May, 1963. (11] Atlas of diseases. New York: American Geographical Society 1955. [12] MAY, J. : Ecology of disease. New York: American Geographical Society 1958. : World atlas of epidemic diseases. (Welt-Seuchen-Atlas). Three Volumes.

Their principal increase in relative weight is between ages 30 and 50 but the upward trend continues into the 60's. Their mortality patterns are less clear, though the association of higher mortality ratios with marked overweight is still apparent within each height category. Short women (4'11" to 5'2") at issue ages 30 to 39 weighing 165 to 184 pounds, experienced a mortality double that of standard female risks at a com- Antecedents of disease. Insurance mortality experience 45 parable age. Among medium height women (5'3" to 5'6") markedly elevated mortality is found only among those weighing 165 pounds or more at issue ages 40 to 49 and among those weighing 175 pounds or more at issue ages 50 to 69.

F. 65* 137 167 191 * 363* 189 168 196 233 337 409* 144* 211* ... Fewer than 35 policies terminated by death. Compared with calculated "standard" mortality by sex. Ratio (per cent) of actual to expected mortality ages at issue 50-59. Cases without known minor impairments. (Society of Actuaries. ) At issue ages 60 to 69 in men, the mortality ratios do not rise as sharply with increase in blood pressure as at the younger ages. , the mortality ratio is about 125 per cent with systolic pressures of 138 to 147 mm.

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