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By Howard J. Wilcox

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Undergraduate-level creation to Riemann critical, measurable units, measurable capabilities, Lebesgue necessary, different subject matters. a number of examples and routines.

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Therefore lim g(x) = lim g(x) = lim g(x), and x +x ; x +x 0 x +x� the function MEAS U R A B L E F UNCT I O NS fi( x )= { 57 g(x) if X E ( 0, 1 ) \D ijm g(x') if x E D x +x is continuous and monotone. 1 (d) Let B o = /(B). Show that B0 is measurable but /- (80 ) = B is not, even though I is a measurable function. Since /- 1 (Bo) is not measurable, it is not a Borel set. By Exercise }6. 1 S , Bo is not a Borel set, even though it is measurable. 7 is false. 7. x >. e. on a compact set K , then for every C K such that f is bounded on A , and m(K\A ) < e.

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for a Set to be Measurable There are several different ways to define the class M of measurable sets in E. One of these is called the Caratheodory Criterion. E\A are intersected with any set in E. 1 Theorem: (Caratheodory Criterion for Measurability) measurable if and only if = n every subset X C E. Proof : Suppose A is measurable and X C E. E\A ] ) by subadditivity of m * . an To prove the reverse inequality, let open set G � such that < X e Clearly m*(X) > 0 b e given.

A < x. Then a1 b a2 = the greatest integer b such that -a + 2 a < x, etc. ) (0 a1a2 a,. OOO Show that for any a-ary expression of the form . , with "¢ 0, there is a different expression with the same value. 02000 . . 01 222222 . . . ) a,. • • • • • • = { x E El a binary expression for x has a 0 in every even position}. Show that B is m easurable and m(B) = 0. 18 Let f:C -+ E be defined by /( . a1a2a 3 �2!.. ; ; , where the " " ) = expression on the left is ternary with no 1 's, and the expression on the right is binary.

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