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By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407050141

ISBN-13: 9781407050140

Set in Scotland, Alpha strength are supporting out on a survival outside experience vacation programme for challenge young ones after they stumble throughout proof of an unlawful medications laboratory, hidden excessive at the moors at the laird's land. High-speed chases with quad motorcycles and 4x4 autos throughout state besides survival talents like rafting, abseiling and mountain climbing convey this l0th actionpacked event to the united kingdom with a dramatic storyline concentrating on one among latest significant difficulties - dressmaker medications and their manufacture.

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When Alex drove them back to the hostel in the Range Rover at the end of the first day the rear-view mirror showed a row of hostile stares, white iPod wires framing their faces like stethoscopes. But bit by bit, something had changed. They began to enjoy the way a compass could make sense of a featureless wilderness of rocks and heather; the way you could kayak along the surface of a loch as silently as a fish; the way a couple of ropes and an abseil harness let you defy gravity. They stopped listening to their iPods on the journey back; they talked to each other about what they’d done that day.

Then there was disbelief as he saw Li in front of him; then horror as he saw he was going to run smack into her. Moments later he was tumbling over her back. She had ducked and rolled him over her. He curled himself into a ball to cushion his landing. Li put her foot on his chest, as though he was a lion she’d bagged. Paulo raced in through the front door as Amber slid down the banister. ‘Foul,’ she called. ’ ‘There are no rules about that,’ panted Li. She took her foot off Alex. He sat up, rubbing his elbow.

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