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By Ralph H. Vigil

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Alonso De Zorita: Royal pass judgement on And Christian Humanist 1512-1585, via Vigil, Ralph H.

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44 Córdoba, situated in the Guadalquivir valley, lies 325 feet above sea level, and is protected from north winds by the Sierra of Córdoba, a spur of the Sierra Morena. "45 South of the city and the Guadalquivir lies the campiña, flat arable land where various crops, notably grapes and olives, are cultivated. Cattle and horses graze on the vast and level plains. South of the campiña is another barren mountain region cut by fertile valleys watered by springs. Towns like Priego and Rute are surrounded by orchards and cultivated land.

First edition. Page v For Barbara, Frank, and Rafael Page vii Contents Preface xi Acknowledgments xiii 1 The Making of a Judge 3 2 Maintaining Law and Order in Española 41 3 Enforcing the New Laws in New Granada, 1550-1552 83 4 Alonso de Zorita: Protector of the Guatemalan Indians 121 5 Troubles in New Spain, 1556-1566' Zorita, the Visitador, and the Encomenderos 161 6 Return to Spain and Last Years 235 7 Alonso de Zorita: Anthropologist and Historian 265 Glossary of Spanish and Nahuatl Terms 295 Notes 303 Bibliography 345 Index 365 Page ix Illustrations Zorita's stations in the New World (map) 2 Deposition of Zorita 6 Ferdinand II 22 Gonzalo Fernandez de Córdoba 35 Seville 44 Alonso and Diego Caballero de Cazalla 57 Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas 123 Sketch of Zorita 176 Aztec aristocrat 187 Juana de Austria 239 Cervantes 250 Philip II 259 Sketch of Zorita 268 Page xi Preface Alonso De Zoritaa royal judge of great moral integrity who wrote a bookleft this world four centuries ago.

Humanists spoke with several voices, but all were influenced by the secular, urban culture of antiquity, and most became ardent defenders of the nation-state united under an absolute monarch. 1 But if Zorita shared the humanist enthusiasm for the Greco-Roman heritage and sought in the typical humanist manner to educate and guide the steps of the king and his counselors, his views on society, man, and nature are rooted in medieval scholasticism; they reflect a Christian piety unknown to Aristotle and the ancients.

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